No.30 Mallard Anas platyrhynchos L=59cm Rank : 2
Winter Visitor

Male: The iridescent green head, chestnut breast, and yellowish bill mark this duck. Female may somewhat look alike Spot-billed Duck on first sight, but the latter can be identified with its distinctive bill. This duck usually visits Asakawa River basin in October. Like other ducks, the sighting number of this species has been declining in this area.

This species likes large ponds and lakes. In Hachioji, we often see the bird in the pond of Takatsuki Water Treatment Plant as well as in Asakawa River, where several of them sometimes mix with other kinds of ducks. Omnivorous and eat grass seeds, worms and insects. Although feeding themselves during daytime, they also forage in rice paddy fields at night. In Hachioji, however, rice paddies have decreased drastically, depriving the species of their feeding grounds. Rice paddies play an important role not only in rice cultivation, but also for the survival of living matter. We should have another look at the role of rice paddies, and try not to reduce them any further.

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