No.485 Japanese White-eye Zosterops japonicus


Rank : 1
One of the most popular birds in Japan; common resident in wooded lowland hills; also parks and gardens in winter. Bright olive-green above, which we call guguisuh (Japanese Bush-Warbler)-colour, although actual guguisuhs plumage is somber olive-brown; white eye-ring, to which its name owe.   In the breeding season, Male sings fast in the treetops or on electric wires. There are some kinds of onomatopoeia of the birdfs song replaced with meaningful Japanese words. The following will be the most polular one:  gChobei, Chubei, Cho-Chubeih (Two of the three words are our first names in olden times). Call is a bell-like chwee or tzee.
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With Persimmon