No.435 Carrion Crow Corvus corone


Rank : 1

Large-billed Crow and Carrion Crow are the two most common crows in Asakawa River basin. At the first glance, it may be difficult to distinguish them, but there are several field marks to make out: Voice: Large-billed: ekaaaf  Carrion: guttural egraaaf ; Forehead: Large-billed: protruded  Carrion: not protruded; Bill: Large-billed: thicker, largely curved; Carrion: thinner, not so curved; Calling Posture: Carrion: Waggle its head up and down.
Large-billed Crows tend to build nests mainly on trees in hilly areas and in parks, while Carrion crowfs nests are built more in residential districts and scrub brushes. Since almost no crow nests were found in mountain areas, we may understand that both kinds of crow build their nests near the human habitation. @@

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Nest Building