No.921 Chinese Hwamei Garrulax canorus


Rank : 1
Introduced (Resident)
An alien species originated in south-eastern China. The plumage is mostly reddish-brown, and a white ring around the eye extends backwards as a white stripe.  The song is a loud varied whistling with imitations of other birds. Though it is not known exactly how the bird was introduced to Japan, its habitat has rapidly been expanding, and the bird is a common resident now in Asakawa River basin.
 According to our Societyfs research, the bird was first observed at Asakawa River basin in 1994, and its habitat has expanded to the upper river basin of Kita-Asakawa River, the middle river basin of Kawaguchi River, and the upper river basin of Minami-Asakawa River during 1996`98.  Its habitat has further expanded to the whole basin of Kawaguchi River, Yajigawa River to Kasumi Hills and Takiyama Hills, and to Mt. Jimba, Mt. Kagenobu, Kobotoke-Shiroyama Hills and Mt. Takao during 1999`2001. Further penetration to the whole Tama Hills area was observed during 2002`2004.  
According to the database of Invasive Alien Species, "the species was first observed in the northern part of Kyushu in 1980fs. In Kanto area, the first observation was in Yamanashi Prefecture."  Specified as the invasive alien species by Invasive Alien Species Act (2004).
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